Cabaret is one of the freest forms of entertainment, in which social norms are challenged for the sake of amusement. It was in bars that offered cabaret performances that French can-can appeared a century ago taking a conservative Europe by storm with the revealing legs of the dancers at a […]

Considerat de unii o forma decadenta de divertisment, cabaretul e un spectacol deopotriva colorat si misterios care imbina prestatiile artistice cu senzualitate. In cadrul acestor show-uri se pot regasi momente teatrale, muzicale, de dans sau chiar striptease. Acest gen de spectacol e atestat inca de la sfarsitul secolului al XVIII-lea, […]

A colorful spectacle, the cabaret is a tradition in Western towns, where dance performances are held in bars and restaurants. Though regarded as an easy form of entertainment, actually the cabaret shows include musical acts, dance acts like in the music-hall shows on Broadway, theatric performances, sometimes with comedy numbers […]

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