If you were to get up close and personal with an alien or with Santa Close which one would you chose? I’d pick Santa, because I’m sure there would be some gifts involved, that would make me pass over the green little monsters. Beside, Santa Claus has his own little […]

Santa Claus is a very popular figure around the world, and he is said to travel in various ways. But from the Northern world comes his “vehicle of choice”: the reindeer pulled sledge. Reindeer are common animals in countries as Finland or Sweden, so it is no wonder they are […]

Mos Craciun, insotit de spiridusii lui, a venit sa imparta daruri din tolba sa, care nu se goleste niciodata. Copiii s-au bucurat ca de fiecare data sa il vada si au fost nerbadatori sa ii spuna colindele si poeziile pe care le-au invatat. Cei mai sturlubatici dintre micuti nu s-au […]