For a tourist in a first short visit, London is inexhaustible. The sheer size of this 8 million people town is intimidating, so you would had to settle just to exploring some of the city center. Which in itself is the size of large European city. The term „city” is used in the British capital to refer strictly to its financial core. The forest of skyscrapers and glass blocks sits in the center of London, defining its skyline. The record is held by The Shard, the tallest building in united Europe, an odd construction like a spike or a really sharp pyramid. On top of it there is a panoramic place, that can get a view many kilometers away from 300 m above ground. Other skyscrapers are memorable for their shape, like the beautiful rounded Gherkin or „the Walkie Talkie”.

Two other constructions rival the height of the 18 skyscrapers that London has (the most in any other EU cities). The first is a moving structure, the Millennium wheel or London Eye. The other one is a historic and religious building, Saint Paul’s cathedral. The masterpiece of Christopher Wren has a perfect dome, visible from many parts of the city, that was a replica to Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Other way to get a sense of direction in this immensity, than by looking up, would be to simply follow the river Thames. This will make you take many detours as the rivers is swirling up and down, but it would theoretically take you from west to east in a horizontal line right through the middle of the city. Not a way of travel as practical as the legendary underground network of London, that was started in 1860’s. But one that will offer a lot of beautiful views with the bridges or different neighborhoods.

In this particularly expensive city at least some of the museums are opened for free to the public. They are so many and so vast that you are unlikely to cover them during the trip. On top of the list should be The British Museum, with antique treasures from allover the world. The National Gallery has a collection just as impressive of paintings by the most renowned artists like Rafael, Botticelli, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and many others. Next to it, there is the National Portrait Gallery, dedicated only to portrait paintings and photographs.

Albert and Victoria Museum is not as famous, but is sure to amaze you. It contains collections of sculptures by Rodin and English artists, collections of costumes, jewelries, furniture. Plus, a devastating collection of cast replicas of some of the most valuable art pieces in human history. This includes a full size replica of the Column of Trajan, part of the masonry in the cathedral in Cordoba and some works by Michelangelo, such as David, Moses or the monument of Lorenzo de Medici.

Passionate about science? Than you should go cross the street to the Science Museum for a list of great inventions of mankind explained, or to the Natural History Museum, to learn more about wildlife, the Earth and solar system.

When you get tired of all these, maybe take a break in one of London’s gigantic gardens like Hyde Park, to mingle with the friendly squirrels and swans.

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