Salzburger Dom, the baroque cathedral of Salzburg

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

The plaza of the catholic cathedral is the central point of Salzburg, Mozart’s hometown. It is the oldest cathedral in the city and one of the largest in Austria. Its monumental proportions are the endeavor of the ambitious archbishop Wolf Dietrich and of the Italian architect Santino Solari.
This baroque masterpiece is the place where the most famous citizen of Salzburg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptized and the gathering point for the entire population on the most important occasions.
In front of the cathedral there is a statue of Virgin Mary and right at the entrance four statues of St Peter, St Paul, St Virgil and St Rupert, the patron of this church.
The interior is lavishly decorated and monumental in scale. The largest of its seven bells weights over 14 tons.
Outside of the cathedral is one of the most interesting sculptures of modern era, created by contemporary architect Anna Chromy. The empty cloak is called “The Coat of Peace” and can also be found in other cities of Europe, such as Prague, and in some museums.

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