Orthodox Church in Pamporovo

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Pamporovo is one of the finest ski resorts in Bulgaria, found in the southern part of the country, in the Rhodope mountains, next to the border with Greece. It is a long way coming from capital Sofia, to Plovdiv, but the road gets spectacular when going to the smaller town of Chepelare and going higher at the 1.600 m altitude where Pamporovo is situated. Other important mountain resorts in the area that are not to be missed are Bansko and Borovets.

The resorts are not active during the warm seasons, but are crowded during the winter, as they have numerous ski tracks, some of the best ski schools in Europe and lots of ski lift installations. Natural snow conditions make them usable 150-200 days a year.

Pamporovo is also known as one of the sunniest ski resorts, thanks to the influence of the Aegean See.
Next to newly erected five stars hotels, the orthodox church of Pamporovo is a distinctive landmark of the resort. It’s interesting to note that due to historic contacts with the Ottoman Empire, this region of Bulgaria has a higher number of Muslims than Christians, which still make up the majority of Bulgarian population.

The church of Pamporovo is dedicated to the Assumption of the Saint Mother of God and is a recent work of architect At. Kadzhebov. It has the byzantine shape typical to Eastern Christianity, with elegant black domes sitting on top of perfect white walls. The interior of the church is marvelously painted in byzantine style.

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