Traditions and costumes from the Balkans

The Balkans is a region with very old history, including the Greek peninsula and the mountain chain that stretches from the Eastern coast of Adriatic Sea to Istanbul, where Europe meets Asia. Its past is marked especially by the ancient Greek heritage and the history of the Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great. The part […]

Orthodox cathedral Alexander Nevsky in Sofia

This cathedral is the pride of Bulgarian capital and a hallmark of Sofia, next to the lion statue nearby. Surprisingly, the national cathedral of Bulgarians is dedicated to a Russian king, canonized after his remains were unburied intact. Alexander Nevsky is considered one of the key figures in Russian history, but churches dedicated to him […]

Tsarevets, the former capital of Bulgarian Empire

Like all the nations of the Balkans, Bulgaria has its historic memories from the glory days. For Bulgaria, that period of might was the time of 13-14th century, when their empire stretched over the Danube in today Romania and conquered large parts of Greece, till the outskirts of Constantinople. Such an impressive empire had to […]

Orthodox Church in Pamporovo

Pamporovo is one of the finest ski resorts in Bulgaria, found in the southern part of the country, in the Rhodope mountains, next to the border with Greece. It is a long way coming from capital Sofia, to Plovdiv, but the road gets spectacular when going to the smaller town of Chepelare and going higher […]

Queen Mary’s enchanted domain at Balchik, Bulgaria

Queen Mary loved this magical place so much that she demanded through her testament that her heart should be put to rest here, near the waves of the Black Sea. As Romania was forced to cede this peace of land (known as the Quadrilateral) to Bulgaria, the box containing queen’s heart was moved to Bran […]

Sunny Beach and Nessebar, a happy encounter between modern tourism and tradition

Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with proofs of existence from the 6th century BC. It looks like a tiny island, but a strip of land as wide as a road ties it to the coast. From Nessebar you can have a marvelous view over the bay on which is developed Sunny […]

Natural pyramids of Melnik, Bulgaria

For the small Bulgarian resort of Melnik, the sandy hills have been turned into a marketing opportunity, as they are presented as natural sand pyramids. And indeed, they can be quite appealing in some moments of the day, with their yellow color reflecting the sun, but they are not quite the spectacle they are advertised […]

Rila Monastery, the most famous Bulgarian monastery

With a history of a thousand years, the monastery of Rila is a favorite pilgrimage place for Bulgarians and a tourist attraction for foreign visitors. Pope John Paul II visited this monastery during his stay in Bulgaria. It is located in the SW of the country, near Blagoevgrad, south the capital Sofia, in the beautiful […]

Ruse, a shopping destination with a touch of history

Ruse is a Bulgarian city situated on the banks of river Danube, one of the most popular crossing point to Romania. The bridge between Ruse and Giurgiu (Gyurgevo) is on the European road linking Sofia and Bucharest. This strategic position made it a preferred shopping destination for Romanians and Bulgarians alike, but beside that, Rousse […]

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