Samba dancers parade

For one evening, Bucharest borrowed something from the exuberance of Rio de Janeiro, as 250 dancers from different schools paraded from Unirea Square to Constitution Square. The parade ended the four days of street theater festival, during which groups from seven countries entertained the passers-by with fanfare music, tricks, puppets on stilts and concerts. In […]

6000 people spent a night at the Opera in Bucharest

The new season was opened in the first day of fall with an already traditional open air concert for Romanian Opera lovers. The event took place on the loan in front of the National Opera Theater in Bucharest. The audience was far more numerous than the seats prepared on the green area where the statue […]

The fabulous Georgian dancers in The Legend of Samaia

In this show, the dancers present a piece of Georgian history and they do it with a sense of pride and carefulness. You can tell that this is more than a simple dance made to entertain. But they definitely stand up to the task of representing their country with grace. The show is a combination […]

Rock legend Mircea Baniciu in Hard Rock Cafe

Mircea Baniciu is one of the most popular folk and rock singers in Romania, a former vocal for the legendary band Phoenix. Phoenix is the Romanian equivalent of Rolling Stones, with a four decades career, that started in the late 60’s. They were as popular and as influential to later rock music as the Beatles […]

OCS alternative rock concert in Studio Martin

Studio Martin in Bucharest was filled with young fans of alternative rock music as OCS celebrated their tenth anniversary. The name of the band, (Omul cu sobolani), translated Rat Man, comes from one of Sigmund Freud’s notorious patients who had a psychotic fantasy. A younger alternative band – The Mood – played in the opening.

Famous fiddlers singing traditional songs

Fiddlers’ music is part of the cultural heritage of Europe, especially in the East part of the continent where Gipsy singers found their home. Played with traditional instruments such as violins, bass viol, cimbalom (dulcimer), accordion, this music was sang in the pubs in the suburbs or accompanied weddings and other ceremonies. Fiddlers’ music is […]

The passion of Flamenco dancing in Nerja, Spain

The Flamenco music and dance emerged three centuries ago in that melting-pot that Andalusia is. The Southern Spain was home to not only Spanish, but also a vivid Gipsy community with artistic inclinations. The place still bears the marks of Arab rule and the influences that the colonies in the New World were having over […]

Romanian Folk Dances: Călușarii

At origin, this dance was a pre-Christian ritual, which was perfected with time to have more and more spectacular choreographic moves. The name Calusarii is a bit mysterious. It may come from the word horse (cal), from the rhythmic movements and jumps of the dancers and for the little bells that adorn their legs and […]

Sound and light show with Sistem in concert

Sistem is a Romanian music band famous for its percussion experiments. In their shows, the members of the band create music sounds with iron barrels, grinders or car wheels. The music is completed with pyrotechnics performances. Their biggest achievement was the participation in the final of Eurovision song contest featuring Luminita Anghel. The members of […]

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