The actor who became a prince and wants to play the president

There quite a life story behind Radu Duda. He was born in the Socialist Republic of Romania, under the one party rule of communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, in a regular family. The only way he could grow to be a prince was in theatre or film, not in real life. But both happened for him […]

Military parade at Romania’s first national day as EU member

Military parades used to be an impressive event during communism, when not just soldiers were summoned but also large numbers of workers from the big factories that used to exist in the capital. To have an idea, you could have a look at those still taking place in North Korea, or even in Russia to […]

Orthodox Jews side with Palestinians in protest against Israel

Nakba (Arabic for „catastrophe”), the day that commemorates the massive Palestinian exodus after the institution of the state of Israel, was marked in London by a small rally of about one hundred people. Israel was born on 14th of May 1948, when the Declaration of Independence was issued. The 15th of May is marked since […]

New protest for freedom in schools in Bucharest

Parents, children and grandparents took to the street in Romania’s capital against the mandatory masks. The government has prolonged the emergency state for the eighth time and imposed new restrictions to counter the Covid-19 pandemic. Romania has been through seven months of some of the harshest measures on the continent, that included 3 months of […]

Protesters against lockdown turn on the media for selling off

Romanian anti-lockdown protests continued in capital Bucharest for the second day. The number of those present declined, compared to the first day, and some strong messages appeared. This time the people targeted mainstream media, which they accuse of being a state run propaganda in the coronavirus affair. The largest TV stations in the country received […]

Anti-lockdown protest in Romania in front of the Government

Romanians took to the street after two months of complete lockdown for coronavirus pandemic. The EU country was subjected to some of the harshest measures in Europe during this time, when a military state of emergency was declared. Today, the measure was shifted to an alarm state, which still limits a lot of civil liberties […]

Reenactment of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion

In a time such as this, when political correctness barely allows any Christian symbol in public, a group of enthusiasts takes to the streets the greatest story of all times. It happened in front of a large crowd in Trafalgar Square, London, in 2019. The company producing this is called Wintershall and is doing this […]

From bricklayer to opera singer, the success story of Costel Busuioc

The concert held by Costel Busuioc filled the Palace Hall in Bucharest and confirmed the sympathy he enjoys in his home country after winning the TV talent show „The Children of Babel” in Spain. The debuting tenor sang with Muntenia Philarmonic from Târgoviște, conducted by Marius Hristescu some famous opera tunes and canzonet. The song […]

Taraf de Haidouks from Clejani, one of the most famous Gypsy music bands

The band of fiddlers from Clejani (an impoverished village near Bucharest) came home for a little concert after touring the entire world. The legendary “taraf”, meaning a fiddlers band, exists fro decades, with members being replaced by their sons, sometimes. Their authentic Gypsy music was appreciated even by violonist Yehudi Menuhin and actor Johnny Depp, […]

Thousands at the funerals of famous singer

A large crowd of many thousands of people accompanied the late singer Ion Dolănescu in Bucharest in a cortege to the church and cemetery. Ion Dolănescu was the most famous singer of folkloric music, a genre that is still immensely popular in the country. One might say that this type of music is the European […]

Wedding dresses at a business event

Brides have disrupted the press conference of a life insurance company. It was actually a happening prepared by the organizers, who wanted to underline the idea of „choices for life”. KD Life Insurance introduced itself to local public as a partner for good and for worse. The speakers representing the serious part of the press […]

Intel press conference

Press conference for local launching of Intel Xeon 5500 processor for servers and graphic stations. These servers are, according to the company, an even more important leap than when introducing Pentium Pro, fifteen years ago. Among the novelties brought in by the new generation of servers is the first eco-server, which became possible thanks to […]

Nationalists accuse Romanian Government of treason over new language law

A new Administrative Code, modified by an emergency ordinance by the Government, brought protesters to the capital Bucharest, in front of the institution. A few hundreds of people with many flags came in support of the Constitutional article 13, that states Romanian language is the only official language of the country.  By the existing Administrative […]

Romanians take to the street in defense of traditional family

In anticipation of the annual LGBT Pride parade in Bucharest, hundreds of Romanians marched in favor of traditional family. The number of participants was anywhere between 500 and 1.000 people, a relatively low number, which organizers blame on what they deem as a complete media blockade against the event. In October 2018, a referendum was […]

The Queen, attending the parade remembering Allied victory

Britain has marked 70 years since the victory in World War 2 with a series of festivities and concerts. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has attended the religious service held in Westminster Abbey to commemorate the victims of the largest war in history. The number of people killed in the six years conflict are estimated […]

Anarchists briefly block the Tower Bridge

Workers’ Day, the 1st of May, was marked by left wing rallies allover the world. Though they were not more than 30 young people attending, the British anarchists managed to block for a quarter of hour the iconic Tower Bridge. City police seemed to be caught by surprise by the sudden move, while tourists in […]

Remembering the Romanian Revolution with newly elected president Klaus Iohannis

25 years after, Romanians have commemorated the Revolution where it started, in Timișoara, a city on the west border with Serbia and Hungary. This was the only place in Europe where communism was overthrown after a revolution that took the lives of over one thousand people. The regime had been in place for 45 years, […]

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Bucharest, Romania

About 90.000 dwellers of Bucharest met the new year in the street, at one of the several open air concerts that were held. The largest audience was in Constitution Plaza, in front of the Parliamentary Palace, where the municipality was the main organizer. A comparable crowd filled George Enescu Square, in front of the Atheneum […]

Muslims celebrating Kurban Bayram with kebab and folkoric dances

One of the five pillars of Islamic faith, required to all believers is the Hajj, the pilgrimage to the sacred places of Mecca. For those who don’t attend the spectacular procession around the Kaaba, there are of course festivities in honor of that event in almost every country. The Arabic name of this holiday is […]

Marching for the Reunification of Romania with Moldova

In 1939, a week before the beginning of the second world war, the foreign affairs ministers of Hitler and Stalin (Joachim von Ribbentrop and Vyacheslav Molotov) signed a secret treaty that stated not only the perfect cooperation between communists and nazis, but also divided Europe into spheres of influence. Certain countries, like Poland and Romania […]

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