The islands in the Kotor Bay

The bay of Kotor, which is included on the UNESCO heritage list of natural and cultural monuments is one of the most popular relaxation resorts in Montenegro. It can be reached by boat from the Adriatic or by car, on the national road that links Montenegro to Croatia. In fact Herceg Novi is the last […]

The Old Town of Budva. Too beautiful to look 2500 years old

If you are curious what made Budva the place with the most millionaires in Europe, to the proportion of population, here’s the answer. Budva is an ideal resort for Mediterranean: it has marine and mountainous landscape, historic architecture, medieval churches, sandy beaches, night life. To put it in one line, it has the classy look […]

Bar, resort at the Adriatic See

Bar is one of Montenegro’s southernmost resorts on the coast of Adriatic See. Down the road there is only other major city – Ulcinj – before the Albanian border. Across the see, there is the more famous town of Bari, Italy, that’s why Italians call their Montenegrin counterpart Antibari or Antivari. Bar is a developing […]

Black Lake (Crno Jezero) Zabljak, Montenegro

Only 3 km from the coquette resort of Zabljak there is a glacier lake known as Crno Jezero (the Black Lake), who’s name comes from the shadowy color the water gets at some moments in the evening when the sun sets over the surrounding hills and forests. The road from the ski resort of Zabljak […]

Pivsko lake on the confluence of rivers Tara and Piva

The two beautiful rivers of Montenegro, Tara and Piva flow south to north, towards Bosnia where they form the river Drina. The waters of these rivers are spectacular, due to their transparent green waters that ran so fast that they form white whirlpools of foam. A large dam was built at Mratinje, forming a beautiful […]

Durmitor National Park, unspoiled nature and an adventurous road

For Romanians the name of this mountain sounds very familiar and there is a good reason for that: it probably originates exactly in this language or in other related dialect spoken in the Balkans by descendants of the Romans, such as the Serbian Vlachs, the Croatian Istro-Romanians or the Greek Megleno-Romanians or Aromanians. These were […]

The breathtaking Durdevica bridge over the Canyon of river Tara, longest canyon in Europe

East of National Park Durmitor, the river Tara creates a splendid canyon, which can be admired by an elegant bridge built right before the second world war, under the Serbian monarchy. The bridge has the aspect of a Roman bridge and a curved line, that allows those who walk or drive over it to admire […]

The lovely island of Sveti Stefan, near Budva

Going from south to north on the coastline of Montenegro, not far from the border with Albania, between two high rated resorts – Bar and Budva, tourists are met with a very pleasant surprise. From the see-through waters of the Adriatic a tiny island of only six square kilometers appears, tied to the shore by […]

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