City Mall was turned into a Fairy Land by 1000 Christmas carol singers

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Bucharest’s 4th District City Hall has organized at City Mall a Christmas carol festival at which took part 1000 singers from kinder gardens allover Bucharest with their teachers. Children were dressed in folkloric costumes or theme costumes and sang in front of Santa Clause traditional songs for this time of the year. They were all repaid with gifts by the mayor of the 4th District, Adrian Inimaroiu.

Especially for December, City Mall, from Serban Voda Bvd has built at the second store a Fairy Castle of 12 m height, with 4 towers in which four teddy bears are rotating and with clocks that give announce the hour just like in medieval castles. The entire construction weights 3 tons.

Santa Clause has listened the kids from his golden throne under the castle. A jury lead by mayor Adrian Inimaroiu has decided the winning kindergartens, all the kids receiving sweets and gifts.

The professors who trained the children were also given diplomas and ovations for their work from an important public made up of parents and buyers gathered in the super-market.

In the evening, the show went on with a Talisman concert and a ceremony hosted by Special Olympics Foundation, supported by athletes Gabriela Szabo and Elisabeta Lipa and TV stars Mihaela Radulescu and Cristian Topescu.

In December, City Mall has extended with a multi-level parking space accessible through a spectacular passage embellished this month with lighting installations.

The new construction is a fulfillment of mall’s architecture with its glass dome that allows natural light to enter and will also be an extension of the commercial space with room for banks and a terass with panoramic view.

According to City Mall representatives, the investments for Christmas celebrations and redecoration are around 200.000 euros.

City Mall was inaugurated two years ago as the most spectacular centers of this type from Bucharest. It is the third largest mall in Bucharest. In City Mall are present various brands like: Spring / Primavara (supermarket), KFC, Domo, Killtec, Kenvelo, Timberland, Jolidon, Triumph, Benvenutti, UltraPro, Orange, Vodafone, Zapp, Diverta, Banc Post, TinaR, Sony, Germanos, etc.

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