A fashion show to remember, with exotic dancers, bodypainting and hairstyle demonstrations

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Spectators that overfilled the Grand Hall of The National Theater in Bucharest were impressed by a glamorous fashion show in which the make-up and hairstyling trends of the next year were displayed. The Gala lasted an entire day and included various workshops with demonstrations of haircutting and make-up, but also styling competitions with numerous trophies.
The best haircuts appeared in the evening in a grandiose show in which everything was outstanding. The scene had as a background several screens with video materials, while music, choreography and pyrotechnic effects gave the show an alert rhythm so every moment didn’t miss the opportunity to impress the spectators (fashion specialists, mostly).
A haircutting demonstration was held even during the evening gala, some beautiful lady haircuts being cut right before the eyes of the spectators with musical background and explanations from the stylist about the trends that he was illustrating.

Among the surprises of the evening there was a show with Flamingo Boys a male strippers band that hat a mysterious and explosive show, very well mingled with the display of some eccentric haircuts.
The team of hairstylists from Wella were lead by Constantin Ilie, while the make-up was signed Max Factor, a team coordinated by Ana Maria Gorgonetu. The organizers assured that the trends presented are a reproduction of those presented only a month ago at the great gala of Barcelona.

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