French Can-Can costumes in a cabaret show

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

A colorful spectacle, the cabaret is a tradition in Western towns, where dance performances are held in bars and restaurants. Though regarded as an easy form of entertainment, actually the cabaret shows include musical acts, dance acts like in the music-hall shows on Broadway, theatric performances, sometimes with comedy numbers like those from which the stand-up comedy was developed.
The beauty of the female dancers is definitely one of the main attractions in a cabaret evening. They combine acrobatics with ballet graceful moves in very appealing and revealing costumes. In French famous cabarets like the legendary Moulin Rouge the level of erotism can be enhanced by topless appearances of the dancers wearing elbow long gloves, colorful ostrich feathers and high hills. It was also in France where the French can-can was invented a century ago. In a time when the Victorian long dresses were the norm, the dance in which the dancers were flipping their legs high revealing their underwear was driving men crazy. And it remains a popular dance to this day, due to its crazy rhythm and its burlesque sense of humor.

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