Protesters against lockdown turn on the media for selling off

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Romanian anti-lockdown protests continued in capital Bucharest for the second day. The number of those present declined, compared to the first day, and some strong messages appeared. This time the people targeted mainstream media, which they accuse of being a state run propaganda in the coronavirus affair.

The largest TV stations in the country received 40 million euros from taxpayer money this month, supposedly to help the government fight “fake news”. An explicit banner read: “The government is the pimp, the press is the prostitute”. Accusing such messages, the crews from TV stations left the square, filming protesters only from a far. In general, the event was poorly covered by the mainstream, with allegations of protesters being somehow manipulated by Vladimir Putin.

Among the speakers in the second day were former European MP candidate George Simion – a long supporter of reuniting Romania and Moldova, social activist Pompiliu Diplan.

The event was disrupted by some flamboyant socialites and attention seekers. Viorel Cataramă, a millionaire and failed politician that describes himself as a libertarian, was present in the public, not getting the expected popular support. He had just finished his self-isolation period after testing negative on the Covid-19 test. Before that, Cataramă visited patients that were tested positive and hugged them in a stated attempt of catching the disease which he doesn’t believe is lethal.

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