Mount Pantokrator, the highest point on Corfu Island

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Though Mount Pantokrator is rather a hill of 906 m above the sea level, and I am accustomed with higher altitudes, this mountain scared me to death. It starts like any other street in Corfu, where roads encircle the island, never going in a straight line, and although from one point the buildings disappear and the road is not paved anymore you could reach the top with a decent off-road vehicle. Unfortunately I only had my feet to rely on. What seams like a shadowed and welcoming mountain from afar it’s actually a desertous hill with only bushes of yellow flowers, which are nice to look at but offeer no shade. Lizzards ar crawling allover the place and what’s worse snakes come in all sizes, including really big ones. Locals told me they are not veninous but believe me they are not pleasant to meet. The road is incredibly long for such a small altitude because it is wineding so it takes half a day to reach the top. In the hot Greek sun this means you will be dehidrated and with sun burns when you reach the radio antenna on the top. The ruins of the monastery advertised on tourist flyers are not worth attention, but on the way to the top you get to see some spectacular views of two sides of Corfu Island and in some clear sky days you even see the close Albania or the further Italy.

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