Platamon Castle, a watch post of the Byzantine era

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

In the dawn of the Christian era, the 10th century, Platamon was a strategic point, on a hill that guarded the roads of the East Roman Empire, on the shores of the Aegean see. The ruins of the ancient city of Herakleion can be found inside the walls of this fortification that now has a great panoramic view over Tembi and Neipori. During the Byzantine era the roads from Macedonia, Thessaly and Tempe crossed here. Platamon is one of the few fortresses that was not demolished under the Ottoman occupation, which saw its use as a watch tower against pirates and roaming robbers.
In zorii erei crestine, secolul 10, Platamon era un punct strategic pe un deal care veghea drumurile Imperiului Roman de Rasarit, pe tarmul marii Egee. Ruinele orasului antic Herakleion se gasesc aici, in zidurile fortificatiei, care acum are o priveliste superba peste Tembi si Neipori. In timpul perioadei bizantine aici se incrucisau drumurile catre Macedonia, Tessalia si Tempe. Platamon e una din putinele fortarete pastrate de ocupantul otoman, care i-a inteles utilitate in apararea de piratii veniti pe mare si de talharii sositi pe uscat.

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