The exotic beaches of Paleokastritsa and the charm of Corfu island

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

If you get to the island of Corfu, in the capital city with the same name, located in its eastern part, it’s worth doing a detour on the coast towards north to reach a lovely place called Paleokastritsa. The place is considered to be one of the most beautiful marine landscapes in the world, and for an European is the closest place where you can have the feeling of being on an island in the Pacific. The Aegean turquoise waters are shallow and clear in some places to see the stones on the sea bed, a few meters deep.

For tourists to enjoy the clear waters there are available cruises in boats with glass deck in an experience that include passing through tunnel like caves which can be seen from the shore. Millionaires’ yachts are also a regular presence in the territorial waters of this cosmopolitan resort, in which the English are best represented.
While beaches are a bit narrow and not so sandy, the charm of the place comes from the bays with trees that seem to grow on rocks right from the water. If you turn your eyes from the sea, you can see olive groves, lemon and winding mountain slope with scattered houses. If you look for a large beach instead of picturesque landscape, the best sandy beach on Corfu can be found at Glyfada.

The locals also have a legend, according to which the stone that can be seen in the distance, a few hundred meters from shore is the ship which brought Ulysses home. Nearby you can visit a modest monastery of Panagia.
Among accommodation possibilities include: Hotel Zefiros, one of the oldest four stores hotels on the island, dating back before the war and Hotel Oceanis, with a superb panorama of the coast.

As entertainment options there are many bars, discos and terraces, scattered along the main road, which winds along the coast. In the taverns, the menu is adapted to European tourists tastes, with a large offer of marine cuisine.

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