Black Lake (Crno Jezero) Zabljak, Montenegro

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Only 3 km from the coquette resort of Zabljak there is a glacier lake known as Crno Jezero (the Black Lake), who’s name comes from the shadowy color the water gets at some moments in the evening when the sun sets over the surrounding hills and forests. The road from the ski resort of Zabljak can be traveled by car or by foot on a neat sidewalk along the forest. However, cars are not allowed inside the park at a little over a km from the lake. The entrance fee at the lake is 2 euro.
The lake has an eight shape, being composed of two parts – Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero – the little and the big lake. They are of glacier origin, the rain and melted snow from surrounding mountains adding to it every year. The surroundings very much resembles Lake St Anna in Romania, which in stead is a volcanic lake, which does not allow fish to grow.

Crno Jezero and Zabljak are at an altitude of over 1.400 m high. The region is very well developed for tourism, with hotels and private pensions or campings. From various areas of Zabljak there are hiking routes that reach the Black Lake, the supposedly used by Tito’s partisans to hide during the war, or points in the mountain. There is also a hiking route that goes completely around the lake, partly inside the forest, partly on the meadow.
During the winter, Zabljak is the preferred ski destination for Montenegrins and foreign visitors.

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