Aeronautical demonstration on a lake in Bucharest

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

On Lacul Morii (Mill’s Lake) in Bucharest took place a demonstration that combined aerial and nautical exercises. Though it was not as spectacular as previously advertised, the show was an opportunity to enjoy the clear blue sky in a beautiful autumn day. Lacul Morii is one of the largest lakes of Bucharest, that used to be on the outskirts of the city and now is engulfed by blocks and new mansions.

Though only 3 km away from the city center, the vast almost 250 hectares lake is not enough used for recreational purpose and is not properly arranged. From time to time, some sky jet or boat contests take place on the lake.

This event gathered a large audience on the banks of the lake, to watch the planes swirling and looping. Two planes exhibited some elements of formation flying, a little disappointing, considering that not long ago an international aerial show in Baneasa included flying formations of six fighting jet planes with very dangerous exercises. Six skydivers also landed safely on the concrete bank of this artificial lake.

The original element of this aerial demonstration was a plane that took off and landed a couple of times on the surface of the lake. Also on the water could be seen some 3-4 yawls, a kayak and some inflatable boats with numerous crew.

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