Danube Delta, the greatest delta of Europe

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

One could not find a river to symbolize Europe better than the Danube: it starts from Germany, crossing 10 countries and several capitals like Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, to finally poor itself into the Black Sea, forming a delta. On the continent, only the Russian Volga is longer and wider.
The Danube Delta is a reservation of Biosphere and a monument on UNESCO heritage list. Over 300 species of birds can be seen here, some of them being unique in Europe as they are migrating birds from Africa, North America or even Siberia.
The pelicans are absolutely spectacular and you can witness their fishing ritual if you take the boat to a channel. Since these big birds eat from 15 to 20 kg of fish a day, they developed a group technique gathering in semicircles and beating the water with their wings so the fish is ushered to the shore.
In the Danube Delta can be found several villages which accessible only by boat, with traditional crafts and a various cuisine based on fish. (The can even cook desert out of fish!)
In the Danube Delta lives 60% of the world population of cormorant and also swans, pellicans, seagulls, rowers, egrets. The water lillies are practicly everywhere on the water. If you enjoy fishing this is the place to be. 98% of all species of fish found in Europe can also be found in the Danube Delta, including rare species like sturgeon, sterrlet, catfish, herring.

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