Malaiesti Chalet, a resting place on the way to Omu Peak in the Carpathians

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Malaiesti Chalet is one of the last halts when climbing to Omu Peak to see the Sphinx. Of course, this is just one of the many possible routes you can take towards the peaks in the Bucegi National Park.
The climbing might be demanding from the physical point of view, but its very rewarding, with beautiful landscapes of wild Romanian mountains. The forests are pleasantly cooling during hot summers, with lots of meadows from where you can admire the view. It doesn’t take climbing gear, just a pair of good shoes, and the signs of the hiking path are easy to follow. It takes about 5 hours to climb from Gura Diham chalet to Malaiesti chalet and another 3 hours to get to Omu Peak. In all three you can find a place to sleep or rest, with the typical austere conditions you would expect in a remote location.

The path goes through Valea Glajariei (Valley), climbing back up to offer an impressive view at Poiana Izvoarele (Springs Meadow). The walking road is accessible only during the summer and few warm months around it, as even during August you will still see packs of snow. Malaiesti cabin is at about 1700 m altitude, and can be reached from Busteni resort on the Valley of river Prahova, where the most popular Romanian mountain resorts are.

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