Panoramic view over Bicaz Lake

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Bicaz Lake is the largest artificial lake in Romania. The Bicaz dam, built in 1960, is 127 m high and the total lake surface is over 3.200 hectares.
If you take the National Road DN12C, from Piatra Neamt to Gheorgheni, you will see one of the most spectacular landscapes in Romania. There are three main attractions on this short road: the Bicaz Lake (or Mountains Spring Lake – Izvorul Muntelui), the Bicaz Canyon and the Red Lake (Lacul Rosu). While the Bicaz Lake offers an impressive panorama, that you can hardly cover with one look, the canyon is absolutely overwhelming. The road becomes very narrow, with rock formations on every side as high as skyscrapers, but with abundant vegetation. The gorges of Bicaz are created by the river Bicaz and are about 6 km long. The road links two historic Romanian provinces, Moldavia and Transylvania. You will notice the difference as this part of Transylvania was colonized by Hungarian kings and today the majority of population in south-eastern Transylvania speaks Hungarian. Despite the language differences, both regions are populated by welcoming people and famous for their traditional cuisine.

The final attraction on this road is the Red Lake, which is created by a natural dam, that appeared recently, in the 19th century after a landslide. According to legend, this landslide killed a shepherd, which explains the Hungarian name as Killer Lake (Gyilkos Lake).

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