The citadel guarding over the center of Brașov

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

This stronghold is outside the walls of the fortified city, but it is now right in the center of the modern town of Brașov. You get to it very simple, coming from Calea București, the main road to the capital of Romania, than taking the boulevard Iuliu Maniu from the round about, than follow the signs on some streets climbing to the top of the hill.
The fortress had a strategic location, to observe and stop invaders approaching the main fortress of the city. It is thus known as the guarding fortress or the little fortress. The strategic location was kept, the place offering excellent views over the center, the old city and over Tâmpa mountain.

For the moment, the fortress is a bit neglected and there are talks about privatizing it to make better use of its great tourist potential. The fortress is a valuable example of XVI century fortification with bastions, intimidating walls and massive portals.

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