Albert Bridge. The elegant bridge of London

It’s clearly not as iconic as the Tower Bridge, with its hydraulic flipping deck, nor does it have the impressive scenery of the City behind, like other crossing points have, but Albert Bridge can stand out through its own aspect alone. Well, at least two other bridges in the capital share a similar architecture (Chelsea […]

The Queen, attending the parade remembering Allied victory

Britain has marked 70 years since the victory in World War 2 with a series of festivities and concerts. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has attended the religious service held in Westminster Abbey to commemorate the victims of the largest war in history. The number of people killed in the six years conflict are estimated […]

Things to see in London

For a tourist in a first short visit, London is inexhaustible. The sheer size of this 8 million people town is intimidating, so you would had to settle just to exploring some of the city center. Which in itself is the size of large European city. The term „city” is used in the British capital […]

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