Split, the place chosen by Roman Emperor Diocletian for his retirement seaside palace

Diocletian is known for his persecution against Christians, for building the largest public baths, splitting the Roman Empire into Western and Eastern (Byzantine) and for an unsuccessful attempt of stopping a giant economic crisis by reforming currency and even price controls. Diocletian is also the only Roman Emperor to have retired out of his own […]

Historic center of Zadar and its Romanesque churches

With a little over 70.000 inhabitants, the Croatian city of Zadar is not a tourist magnet like other towns located on the beaches of the Adriatic, but shouldn’t be missed by those passionate about architecture. Zadar has been urbanized ever since the Roman Empire, mainly with the contribution of the most prolific builder, emperor Augustus. […]

Adriatic Sea cruise on the shores of Dubrovnik

One of the oldest ways of travelling is making its comeback with a new line of luxurious cruising ships, and the Adriatic is one of the most tempting destinations in Europe. With the internet, satellite phone and other means of communication allowing businesses to go mobile, even the workaholics can allow themselves a prolonged vacation […]

Memorable places in Dubrovnik

For most of the cities around the Adriatic the Italian hegemony in the Middle Ages was beneficial. The influx of sculptors, architects and painters from various cities like Florence, Rome or Venice meant tasteful housing for the upper class and some impressive landmark buildings, mainly churches. Dubrovnik is no exception, since for centuries Latin, than […]

Views from the walls of the medieval citadel of Dubrovnik

The two kilometers of thick walls that used to defend the city-republic in the Middle Ages are now used as a mandatory route for tourists that come from allover the world. Dubrovnik is one of the very few examples of communities that flourished behind a wall and also one of the very few examples in […]

Pictures of the most beautiful place in Europe: Plitvice Lakes

When you find yourself walking around the lakes of the largest national park in Croatia you feel like you entered a place of unspoiled beauty disconnected from the civilized life of the old continent. So pure that you can hardly believe it’s real. Even tourists who gather here lured by the international fame the place […]

Trogir: 2300 years of history and style in one of the best preserved medieval city in Europe

Eclipsed in fame and size by Dubrovnik on the same Adriatic coast, Trogir is like a very expensive perfume, kept in a tiny bottle. It would have been hard for a film crew to recreate such accurate sets for bringing to life an aristocratic society of hundreds of years ago. But Trogir looks perfect and […]

The Croatian version of Chinese Great Wall is probably the longest wall in Europe

With a name that seems predestined for a stone wall, the village of Ston, Croatia, claims to have the longest stone wall in Europe. The wall, that also has some imposing forts on top and can be walked upon, was built by the republic of Dubrovnik to protect the land and still has 5,5 km […]

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