Military parade at Romania’s first national day as EU member

Military parades used to be an impressive event during communism, when not just soldiers were summoned but also large numbers of workers from the big factories that used to exist in the capital. To have an idea, you could have a look at those still taking place in North Korea, or even in Russia to […]

The Military Museum of Bucharest. Images from communism, the Revolution

The Museum of Military History in Bucharest, found on Mircea Vulc─ânescu Street, is almost a century old, but obviously was transformed to include the participation of Romanian army in two world wars, a revolution and other events. It was given the name of King Ferdinand, the German monarch who achieved the great reunification of 1918. […]

The Queen, attending the parade remembering Allied victory

Britain has marked 70 years since the victory in World War 2 with a series of festivities and concerts. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has attended the religious service held in Westminster Abbey to commemorate the victims of the largest war in history. The number of people killed in the six years conflict are estimated […]

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, one of the greatest political leaders of 20th century

The closest character to Ataturk is probably Napoleon Bonaparte: a military man with great achievements on the battle field, a reformer involved in every aspect of life, with a legacy that lives to this day. Ataturk had only 15 years of political power to transform a decadent empire, attacked by all its neighbors and their […]

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