Miguel de Cervantes and his characters from Don Quixote

For some, this monument of Spanish literature is the best novel ever written. Even for our days, this creation of Cervantes from 1605 is strikingly modern, with wit and irony. The book is a parody of chivalric novels, popular at the time, but can be read either as an adventure or a meditation on our […]

3D portraits of dictators, royals, adventurers and other leaders

It’s strange to observe, but democratically elected presidents of the past don’t seem to stir up imagination as much as the villains of political scene. We love democracy, but those we choose freely look like dull little wheels in a complicated mechanism. While those who won’t let go their grip on power are painted like […]

Great explorers and visionary minds

Some explore every corner of the Earth in a boat, others simply use their imagination to describe space traveling in an age when speed meant horse pulled. While others use their minds to describe the technical means by which any device may function. Whether it’s curiosity or desire for fame, fortune and glory, there sure […]

Horror, thriller and fantasy in the Wax Museum

The Wax Museum in Barcelona contains some exhibits inspired from horror or action movies, supposed to give the visitor a thrilling experience, accompanied by light effects and audio recordings. It’s the more commercial side of this museum, some may say even kitschy, but it always works well with the kids. Nevertheless, this wax museum holds […]

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