Bastioanele și fortificațiile cetății medievale Brașov

Brașovul e unul din numeroasele orașe ardelene fondate de sași, în acest caz cavalerii teutoni, care apărau această margine a Transilvaniei. Necesitatea existenței unor ziduri de apărare a crescut începând cu secolul al XIII-lea, cu invaziile tătare, dar cetatea Brașovului s-a extins în dimensiuni și complexitate în cele șase secole ce au urmat. În secolul […]

The bastions of Brașov fortified old city

Brașov is just another town of Transylvania established by the Germans, in this case, the Teutons, who were defending this regional periphery. The necessity for defense walls grew in the 13 century with the invasions of the Tatars (Mongols), but the constructions were extended and improved for almost six centuries after. In the 15 century, […]

The fortress of Rasnov. Just like in the movies

This rocky hill has been defended since the time of the Dacians, more than two thousand years ago, according to some archeological findings. The Teuton knights, who were under a contract with the Hungarian king to defend this border region of Transylvania, also built some fortification here in the 14 century. But we have no […]

Fagaras Castle and its picturesque moat with swans

The oldest site in the city of Făgăraș is not the most famous castle in Romania but can offer some of the best exterior images, thanks to the way it is maintained by the local authorities. It does not rest on a high hill with romantic towers emerging from a rock like the Hunyadi Castle, […]

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