Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Bucharest, Romania

About 90.000 dwellers of Bucharest met the new year in the street, at one of the several open air concerts that were held. The largest audience was in Constitution Plaza, in front of the Parliamentary Palace, where the municipality was the main organizer. A comparable crowd filled George Enescu Square, in front of the Atheneum […]

The Nativity scene by Gaudi on the facade of Sagrada Familia

This is the only of the three facades made by Antoni Gaudi, and is tied to cathedral’s name – The Holy Family (Sagrada Familia). The second facade was done later in a more modern style, presenting the Passion of Christ with human figures done with rectangular shapes and mysterious portraits. The third facade, in progress […]

Santa Claus close encounter

If you were to get up close and personal with an alien or with Santa Close which one would you chose? I’d pick Santa, because I’m sure there would be some gifts involved, that would make me pass over the green little monsters. Beside, Santa Claus has his own little helpers, who are green but […]

White Christmas with Rudolph the red nose reindeer

We all know Rudolph is the most famous of Santa’s reindeer. It is said to be able to light the path in the night with its flashy red nose. With his younger buddy, Rudolph brought the sledge of Santa Claus through the snow. The carnival atmosphere was enhanced by the jolly clowns who entertained the […]

The reindeer of Santa Claus

Here are some of our favorite Christmas pictures, including the magic sledge pulled by reindeer. The children were able to take pictures with Rudolph and Blitzen, while being near Mrs Santa Claus and Santa Claus himself. The elves, who are his helpers were restless, inventing all sorts of games and tricks to amuse the kids. […]

Christmas Night

Just a couple of pics from the visit Santa Clause payed to Hyundai subsidiary in Bucharest, Romania. The party organizer was www.craciun-fericit.ro. Doua imagini de la vizita pe ca Mos Craciun a facut-o reprezentantei Hyundai din Bucuresti. Petrecerea a fost organizata de www.craciun-fericit.ro.

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