Sighet Memorial for victims of communist terror

It is one of those places you have to see to better understand history. During communism, in Romania there were functioning 44 political prisons and 72 forced labor camps. They were the place of torture and often death for something like 1 out of 10 Romanians in the first two decades after the second world […]

The Military Museum of Bucharest. Images from communism, the Revolution

The Museum of Military History in Bucharest, found on Mircea Vulc─ânescu Street, is almost a century old, but obviously was transformed to include the participation of Romanian army in two world wars, a revolution and other events. It was given the name of King Ferdinand, the German monarch who achieved the great reunification of 1918. […]

Revolution Memorial in Timisoara, a humble remember of the anticommunist martyrdom

In December 1989, Timisoara declared itself the first free city of Romania, after a week of resistance to communist repression. It was the point of no return of the popular movement that soon spread around the country, overthrowing the 25 years dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu, together with a communist system that lasted 45 years. Romanian […]

Orthodox cathedral Alexander Nevsky in Sofia

This cathedral is the pride of Bulgarian capital and a hallmark of Sofia, next to the lion statue nearby. Surprisingly, the national cathedral of Bulgarians is dedicated to a Russian king, canonized after his remains were unburied intact. Alexander Nevsky is considered one of the key figures in Russian history, but churches dedicated to him […]

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