Taraf de Haidouks from Clejani, one of the most famous Gypsy music bands

The band of fiddlers from Clejani (an impoverished village near Bucharest) came home for a little concert after touring the entire world. The legendary “taraf”, meaning a fiddlers band, exists fro decades, with members being replaced by their sons, sometimes. Their authentic Gypsy music was appreciated even by violonist Yehudi Menuhin and actor Johnny Depp, […]

Famous fiddlers singing traditional songs

Fiddlers’ music is part of the cultural heritage of Europe, especially in the East part of the continent where Gipsy singers found their home. Played with traditional instruments such as violins, bass viol, cimbalom (dulcimer), accordion, this music was sang in the pubs in the suburbs or accompanied weddings and other ceremonies. Fiddlers’ music is […]

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