A collection of flowers

Though nature gives us endless reasons to admire it, nothing seems to epitomize better the idea of beauty and sensibility than a flower. Each flower is a universe that speaks to our senses, with perfume, frail image and lofty petals. From the wild flower found only on the mountain top, to the modified species of […]

The Flower Market

The flower market is one of the nicest places in every town. Even if you are not buying a bunch of flowers for the loved one, you get to admire the vivid colors of the roses, orchids and countless other flower types.

The Botanical Gardens in Bucharest

Though a very relaxing place, the Botanical Gardens of Bucharest are surpassed in some areas by older parks such as Cismigiu Gardens or Herastrau. But in the 17 hectares of this garden there are some interesting areas that provide nice surprises, like the roses garden, the water-lily lake or the little animals that teem around. […]

Corfu, the best island of Greece

Though it is not the biggest Greek island, Corfu attracts the western tourists with the green and turquoise waters of the Ionian See, the rocks with vegetation that emerge from the water and the welcoming locals. The island look like a giant residential neighborhood, with villas spread all around on the winding roads that go […]

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