Ethnography museum in Vișeul de Sus, Maramureș

A small part of the memories of Maramureș are kept in this museum that has two sections, dedicated to history and ethnography. Included in the larger area of Transylvania, Maramureș is a historic region of Romania, in the north western extremity. As borders were redrawn in the twentieth century, the Nordic piece of historic Maramureș […]

Unspoiled traditional living in a village in Maramureș

In the north-western end of Romania lies a special land who’s fame turned into legend. Historic Maramureș extends a bit into today Ukraine, but is a region where genuine Romanian spirit is preserved as a valuable heritage. Locals return from hundreds of kilometers from their workplaces in Spain, Italy, England or Holland to wear folkloric […]

Traditional village in Bukovina. Crafted objects, folklore and customs at the Village Museum Suceava

Found near the fortress of king Stephen The Great, the Village Museum of Suceava holds a remarkable patrimony of vestiges of Moldavian peasant lifestyle from the area of Bukovina. On the alleys of this village museum you can stroll as if you were in a place untouched by modern technology, with wooden houses that have […]

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