Historic center of Zadar and its Romanesque churches

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

With a little over 70.000 inhabitants, the Croatian city of Zadar is not a tourist magnet like other towns located on the beaches of the Adriatic, but shouldn’t be missed by those passionate about architecture. Zadar has been urbanized ever since the Roman Empire, mainly with the contribution of the most prolific builder, emperor Augustus. This is why it has the largest Roman forum on this shore of the Adriatic, opposing the Italian peninsula.

The Renaissance and the Venetian occupation brought a new style and surrounding walls doubled by water moats. Some monumental gates allow the entrance inside the old town, with its stone houses perfectly preserved and neat pavement. But the real architectonic treasure of Zadar ar its Catholic churches, with styles that travel the centuries, beginning even before the Romanesque, as is the style with the precious Donatus church.

The People’s Square still is the place of gathering at special occasions. It is surrounded by historic buildings, including a Venetian loggia, the church of St Lawrence or the Town Guard.

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