Product photography samples

Here you can see some examples of product photography, including cosmetics, toys and other consumer goods, that typically appear in commercial catalogs. Usually, they are white or black background, to allow for easier clipping and integration in the layout of the publication. Sometimes, the product may be on top of a shining, reflective surface, that […]

Various textures

Who knows when you need one texture or another, whether it is a fabric, a surface, or a food. With a bit of talent, you can even turn them into Photoshop brushes, so feel free to use them as you please in your desins. I hope to be adding more of these in the future.

Street performers

They are the ones who bring color and life to every city, the unusual characters that make you turn your head, stop for a while or smile. Sometimes they are street artists that have elaborate acts, mimes, clowns, instrumentalists that exhibit an unusual talent in search for an agent to take them to a stage. […]

Food product photography

Here are just some samples of food photography that I do. This area of commercial photography is growing as a distinct genre with the cultural shift in modern life, which brought fast-food, catering and convenience food in our daily diet. The industrial production and distribution of alimentary products brought with it the need for a […]

Pinocchio, the wooden puppet

Pinocchio is one of the most popular character in children books. Though Collodi, N-W of Florence, is credited to be the home-village of Pinocchio, in several Italian villages and resorts you can find entire souvenir stores dedicated to the character created by Carlo Collodi. Pinocchio, who was carved by Geppetto from a cherry wood, is […]

Landslide on a road

While in the mountains landslides are caused usually by deforestations and by water infiltrations into the soil, on see shores landslides are an effect of the eroding action of waves. The water is digging on beaches and shores, affecting houses and roads built on the sandy ground.

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