Food product photography

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Here are just some samples of food photography that I do. This area of commercial photography is growing as a distinct genre with the cultural shift in modern life, which brought fast-food, catering and convenience food in our daily diet. The industrial production and distribution of alimentary products brought with it the need for a flux of powerful images used in packages and advertising.

What is specific to food photography is the aim of visually compensating for other senses, like taste and smell. Ideally, these images should be appetizing and arousing the need for consumption. The simple forms feature the product against a white, other color or gradient, which makes the image ready to be used in a catalog, brochure, menu or on a website.

The success of this field has even produced specialized photographers who produce stock photography and package images with very elaborate compositions. I am not yet at that level, but I hope to update this page in the near future with more tasty images of cakes, fruits, vegetables and main courses.

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