Albert Bridge. The elegant bridge of London

It’s clearly not as iconic as the Tower Bridge, with its hydraulic flipping deck, nor does it have the impressive scenery of the City behind, like other crossing points have, but Albert Bridge can stand out through its own aspect alone. Well, at least two other bridges in the capital share a similar architecture (Chelsea […]

Basarab Bridge, a landmark of the new Bucharest

This long bridge was a much needed practical solution for the notorious traffic problem of Bucharest. Though it also crosses the small Dâmbovița river, its aim was to help cars get over the railroad lines that go to the central station (Gara de Nord), close to city center. The railroad lines divide the city in […]

Ronda, a typical traditional village in Andalusia with an unusual bridge

One day, in the 18 century, a bullfighter decided he will not face the beast on a horseback, like everybody else at the time, but rather unmount and stand before the bull protected only by a piece of rosy cloth. It happened here, in Ronda, in a round arena that is now a Corrida Museum, […]

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