Ronda, a typical traditional village in Andalusia with an unusual bridge

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

One day, in the 18 century, a bullfighter decided he will not face the beast on a horseback, like everybody else at the time, but rather unmount and stand before the bull protected only by a piece of rosy cloth. It happened here, in Ronda, in a round arena that is now a Corrida Museum, and the unusual act of the toreador became a Spanish tradition. Today, the bullfight was banned as an act of cruelty in most cities, but tourists can still get a shot with a bull statue in front of the arena or get other peaceful souvenirs connected to this sport.

Those who come to visit Ronda, not far from Malaga in the South of Spain, will not be disappointed. The 120 meters high New Bridge (Puente Nuevo), crossing the steep gorge created by the river Guadalevin, is a spectacular imagery.

The bridge is not as new as its name tells, it is already more than two centuries old and still preserves the Byzantine arch style. A generous panorama with the hills and planes of Andalusia opens from here, but the houses built on the natural wall of rock of this gorge are really amazing. The white houses preserve the looks of a traditional village, with cobalt streets on which you will find pottery, specific cuisine restaurants a regional museum and a rich hunting museum.
Not far from the bridge, a monastery with church displays the Moorish – Gothic architecture with apparent brick walls with decorated vaults.

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