Cele mai spectaculoase coafuri prezentate la Gala Wella

Ziua de workshopuri, demonstratii si divertisment artistic de la Gala Wella s-a incheiat cu defilarea celor mai extravagante coafuri realizate pe durata galei. Prezentarea a fost echivalentul unei colectii haute-couture, dar nu pentru rochii, ci pentru par. Au defilat manechine purtand coafuri ce au starnit aplauze si exclamatii de uimire din partea salii. Una dintre […]

The most spectacular haute-couture haircuts at Wella Fashion Show

By definition, haute couture presentations go over the top with fantasy creations not made to be worn on the street, but to impress on the catwalk. At Wella Fashion Show, the accent was not on dresses, as usual in a presentation, but on haircuts. Some of the wildest hair arrangements could be seen on stage, […]

Fashion presentation by Catalin Botezatu

Catalin Botezatu presented his lingerie, casual wear and haute couture collections during a fashion show in Auchan megastore. Black and red were the dominant colors for the haute couture collection that was first presented at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Catalin Botezatu is the most famous Romanian fashion designer, with presentations allover world.

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