Santa Maria sopra Minerva, singura biserică gotică din Roma

De afară nici nu ai zice că e o clădire gotică, dată fiind fațada barocă modestă, care nu anunță nimic. Aceasta e o adăugire ulterioară și aspectul său plat și scund nu face decât să ajute biserica să se confunde cu restul clădirilor de pe stradă. La interior, înălțimea bisericii devine surprinzător de mare, cu […]

Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, the only Gothic church in Rome

You would not be able to tell it has a Gothic structure on the inside, from the unsuspecting, modest Baroque facade. That is a later addition and its flat low height wall only makes the church blend in with the rest of the buildings on the street. On the inside, the height of the church […]

Easter procession in Spain – Semana Santa

In the public processions of the Holly Week one can find the core of the Andalusian spirit and much of the European Medieval history. It all comes down to a sincere devotion and expression of religious sentiment from the Spanish people, but the significances and historic roots are so diverse. Its origins are linked to […]

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