Ethnography museum in Vișeul de Sus, Maramureș

A small part of the memories of Maramureș are kept in this museum that has two sections, dedicated to history and ethnography. Included in the larger area of Transylvania, Maramureș is a historic region of Romania, in the north western extremity. As borders were redrawn in the twentieth century, the Nordic piece of historic Maramureș […]

Folk dances and traditional costumes from Transylvania

Not long ago, in the last century, you could positively identify the geographic area of origin of a Romanian by looking at his clothes. The costumes were entirely home-made and it was a matter of great pride to preserve the exact decorations with vegetal, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic motifs. Even today there are several regions of […]

Traditional Greek dances and costumes in celebration of the national day of Greece

Greek community in Romania gathered to celebrate 25th of March, the national day of Greece with traditional dances and music. Most of the dancers are members of Ellas Ensemble, a dance group that is promoting Greek arts for many years, with constant appearances on national television. The ensemble also danced in concerts of famous Greek […]

Traditions and costumes from the Balkans

The Balkans is a region with very old history, including the Greek peninsula and the mountain chain that stretches from the Eastern coast of Adriatic Sea to Istanbul, where Europe meets Asia. Its past is marked especially by the ancient Greek heritage and the history of the Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great. The part […]

Romanian Folk Dances: Călușarii

At origin, this dance was a pre-Christian ritual, which was perfected with time to have more and more spectacular choreographic moves. The name Calusarii is a bit mysterious. It may come from the word horse (cal), from the rhythmic movements and jumps of the dancers and for the little bells that adorn their legs and […]

Painted Easter eggs, a folkloric tradition in Romania

In some Orthodox countries there is a tradition of skilfully painting eggs before Easter. The tradition is very vivid in areas of Romania like Bukovina (the Nordic part of Moldova). A legend has it that when Jesus Christ was crucified, Mary Magdalene came at the feet of the cross with a basket of food she […]

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