Traditional Greek dances and costumes in celebration of the national day of Greece

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Greek community in Romania gathered to celebrate 25th of March, the national day of Greece with traditional dances and music. Most of the dancers are members of Ellas Ensemble, a dance group that is promoting Greek arts for many years, with constant appearances on national television. The ensemble also danced in concerts of famous Greek artists such as Demis Roussos, Anna Vissi, Constantinos Christoforou or Thanasis Polikandriotis.
On March 25, Greeks around the world celebrate Independence Day, the end of the war that ended the Ottoman occupation. The day coincides with Annunciation day, an important holiday for the Orthodox Christian people. On this day, Greeks cook tzatziki, a yogurt sauce with cucumber or horiatiki, a legume salad, “watered” with ouzo, an alcoholic drink distilled from almonds.

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