Intel press conference

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Press conference for local launching of Intel Xeon 5500 processor for servers and graphic stations. These servers are, according to the company, an even more important leap than when introducing Pentium Pro, fifteen years ago.
Among the novelties brought in by the new generation of servers is the first eco-server, which became possible thanks to its capabilities of self-regulating energy consumption, integrated into all Xeon processors of this generation, as well as the first servers capable of increasing performance over the 100% rating due to Intel Turbo Boost Technology.
The presentation for the Romanian market launch was held by Pawel Gepner, Platform Architecture Specialist at Intel EMEA, Irinel Burloiu, Business Development Manager at Intel România, and Cătălin Moroșanu, Strategic Alliance Manager at Intel EMEA.

„The server is a vital component of an IT infrastructure in a company. Maguay servers on Intel platform have, based on our statistics, a maximum downtime of 0.01% in one year, which means less than 3 hours of out of service (2.7 h) in 3 years”, said Eduard Pughin, Maguay Operational Manager.

Worldwide, there are about 30 million servers with Intel architecture, of which 40% are single core and as many dual core. According to the company, the transition from a single-core to a server of Xeon 5500 means a 9 fold performance increase. The chip was already adopted by producers and sellers like Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, Dell, HP, NEC and Sun Microsystems.

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