The Gothic cathedral of Milan, the result of 6 centuries of work

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

The works for this immense edifice, the fourth church in the world, began in 1386, by dismantling an older church. Ever since, the entire town was shaped around this dome. Gothic is not a popular style in Italy, but this church was influenced by two French architects who were employed at the beginning of the project. Later, the facade took a more classical look, with columns, seen as closer to the Italian style.

On top of the main spire, of over 100 m, stands a golden statue of the Virgin Marry, known as La Madunina. The song O mia bela Madunina became an anthem, even chanted by the fans for AC Milan or Inter Milan during the games.
Another Frenchman, Napoleon Bonaparte had a great impact on the Dome, helping for the works to be finished. Napoleon was crowned King of Italy right in this cathedral and even has a statue on top of one of the spires.

Surpassed by the cathedral of Seville as the greatest Gothic church in the world, the Dome of Milan still has the largest arches and vaults of this type. The numerous pinnacles that cover the flying buttresses have the important quality of not only defining this monument, but also of hiding its enormous size. From the outside, the cathedral looks very well proportioned and not at all exaggerated in size.

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