How daily life of a medieval king looked like. The Visegrad Castle of the Hungarian monarchy

Found on the banks of the Danube, Visegrad was the most important political center of the middle age kingdom of Hungary. The hill castle was connected with the lower castle, a Roman relic that had access to the river. The castle was constructed by King Bela 4th of Hungary, it later became a royal residence […]

Bran, the castle that inspired the legend of Dracula

Though it seems that Vlad The Impaler never used it as his usual home, the myth of the vampire-king made Bran the tourist attraction with most foreigners in Romania. And since we are not sure for how long this construction shall maintain its public destination as a museum, the castle should definitely not be missed […]

Ceausescu’s Palace on The Inside (Parliament Building or House of The People)

On certain occasions, such as the national day of Romania, The House of The People, or The Parliament Palace built by the communist dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu in the capital Bucharest is fully opened to the public and cameras. Usually, tours for tourists exclude the greater rooms of the building as various conferences take place there […]

O2 building in Munchen

Oxygen building is the headquarters of a leading telecommunications company in Europe. It is the reshape of Hochhaus Uptown Munchen, which now is dressed in clear blue glass to remind the logo of O2. At 38 stores high it is not really a skyscraper, but its slender look make it distinguishable in the landscape of […]

Platamon Castle, a watch post of the Byzantine era

In the dawn of the Christian era, the 10th century, Platamon was a strategic point, on a hill that guarded the roads of the East Roman Empire, on the shores of the Aegean see. The ruins of the ancient city of Herakleion can be found inside the walls of this fortification that now has a […]

Ruse, a shopping destination with a touch of history

Ruse is a Bulgarian city situated on the banks of river Danube, one of the most popular crossing point to Romania. The bridge between Ruse and Giurgiu (Gyurgevo) is on the European road linking Sofia and Bucharest. This strategic position made it a preferred shopping destination for Romanians and Bulgarians alike, but beside that, Rousse […]

Schonbrunn Palace, the residence of Habsburg emperors

A landmark of Vienna, Schonbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the imperial house of Austria, is among the most important tourist attractions of the city. Be sure to reserve a whole day for a complete tour of the 1442 (!) rooms palace, the zoo garden, the famous labyrinth, the botanical garden, and all the alleys […]

Szeged, the charming city of Tisza rebuilt by Franz Joseph

Szeged is a small city in the South of Hungary, situated on the banks of the river Tisza. Traditionally, Szeged area is famous for its paprika culture, a key ingredient in goulash. The look of this quiet city dates from the end of the XIX-th century, when emperor Franz Joseph rebuilt it after an immense […]

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