Szeged, the charming city of Tisza rebuilt by Franz Joseph

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Szeged is a small city in the South of Hungary, situated on the banks of the river Tisza. Traditionally, Szeged area is famous for its paprika culture, a key ingredient in goulash. The look of this quiet city dates from the end of the XIX-th century, when emperor Franz Joseph rebuilt it after an immense flood. The University and the Votive Church are the main architectural stamps of the city, but many of its center buildings are renovated and preserving a classic imperial feeling. Several monuments can be found in the pedestrian area of the city, as the lions monument in Klauzal Square.
Important buildings include: the city hall, the theater, university, the water tower, Votive Church, Roek Palace, and the Gothic Church of Grey Friars.
Szeged is very close to the north-western border of Romania, and to the cities of Timisoara and Arad. Though it might be thought as just a resting place on the road to Budapest, Szeged has enough historical heritage to make it a destination in itself

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