From bricklayer to opera singer, the success story of Costel Busuioc

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

The concert held by Costel Busuioc filled the Palace Hall in Bucharest and confirmed the sympathy he enjoys in his home country after winning the TV talent show „The Children of Babel” in Spain. The debuting tenor sang with Muntenia Philarmonic from Târgoviște, conducted by Marius Hristescu some famous opera tunes and canzonet.
The song which the tenor confesses it has a private meaning for him is Caruso. The Italian tenor Enrico Caruso knew fame abroad, in America, becoming famous at the beginning of the twentieth century. In the same way, the public is conquered both by the voice and the life story of Costel, who migrated to Spain from Romania in search of a better life, doing construction work but always dreaming of opera music.

Appearing in the Spanish TV show radically changed his life. After winning all preliminary round of the contest in which compete foreigners from allover the world, Costel Busuioc signed a contract with record house Sony BMG.

At Palace Hall Costel Busuioc (his name means „basil”) sang several songs found on the new release album made with Bratislava Philharmonic. These include tunes by Puccini, romance by Leoncavallo, canzonet and some pop classics like Beatles’ Yesterday.

The local newspaper National Journal also published an edition with a CD including Nessun Dorma from Turandot by Giacomo Puccini, Caruso, Granada, Con te partiro, O sole mio, Ave Maria by Franz Schubert, E lucevan le stelle, Cha Gelida Manina.

Si Jurnalul National a scos o editie de colectie cu album pe care se regasesc cateva dintre melodiile interpretate de artist in cadrul concursului din Spania: Nessun Dorma din Turandot de Giacomo Puccini, Carusso, Granada, Con te partiro, O sole mio, Ave Maria de Franz Schubert, E Lucevan le Stelle, Cha Gelida Manina.

Born in poverty of a large family, young Busuioc couldn’t afford to study music and his only opportunity offered for his voice was the church coir. Following his adopting family Costel sang at the reunions of Orthodox movement Lord’s Army from Hunedoara.

Costel Busuioc wants to use his newly acquired fame to establish a Biblical school in Romania, destined to young students passionate about religion, who don’t necessarily want to follow a priestly career. Also, he wants to show he doesn’t forget where he comes from, helping many children in need.
At the end of his concert, the Carpathian Pavarotti was surrounded by fans seeking and autograph on his debut album. Costel Busuioc is 33 years old, is married and already father of four.

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