Beautiful exotic fish in the Aquarium in Barcelona

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

The Aquarium is a place not to be missed when visiting Barcelona, though the city has so much to offer, including a zoo garden with its own aquariums for sea-lions, penguins and a dolphins performance show. The main asset of the aquarium is the enormous sharks tank, which features a circular tunnel in which you can walk with predator fish swimming above and around you. It is a real experience, enhanced by the water sounds in the speakers, that make probably the most serene encounter you will have with a shark.

The aquarium also has lots of separate tanks with tropical fish in the splendid scenery of corals and aquatic plants. You are bound to be captured by the large cuttlefish that press their flat body on the glass or by the numberless colorful fish like you’ve never seen before. The electric fish light in the dim corridors of the aquarium, while penguins play on the rocks that can be seen from the balcony. The place features numerous entertaining facilities for children as well as marine restaurants for everybody and a photo studio that can take your picture on the spot in an aquatic background.
The Aquarium is also a study facility, with lots of information available for those interested in the underwater life. If walking through a tunnel with fish above does not satisfy you, there is also a special activity destined to trained divers, that is diving in the sharks tank with professional assistance.
The aquarium takes pride in being the richest aquarium with Mediterranean fauna.

To get to the aquarium you can take the very popular and crowded pedestrian street La Rambla, that descends from the central Plaza de Catalunia, to the Columbus Plaza. From there, you go over the elegant bridge Rambla del Mar and get to the mall and other commercial areas found in the former harbor. The coastal area with its palm trees avenue is a very popular promenade place during the evening.

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