Sorin Oprescu a intrat pe horn în Cartea Recordurilor

Desi cei mai multi mos craciuni adunati vreodata la un loc au fost consemnati la Sydney, unde au defilat 14.000 de purtatori de barba si scufie, Bucurestiul a gasit o portita prin care s-a strecurat in Guiness Book of Records. Cei aproape 4.000 de mos craciuni imbracati de Primaria Capitalei si Coca-Cola au stabilit un […]

Bridal wedding dresses at an exhibition

The exhibition was held in front of the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, which is a 3 times world record building (as the largest civil building in the world, the heaviest and the most expensive building ever made). The organizers felt that wedding dresses are also made to impress, so they created the wedding dress […]

Fireworks for a record Christmas tree lit

A hundred thousand people witnessed the lighting of the tallest Christmas tree in Europe. The artificial tree is 76 m high (about the size of a 25 stores building). The lights decorating this tree weight 290 tons. The star on the tree top is 3.5 m high. The ceremony culminated with a giant fireworks display.

Guiness World Record Santa Claus Costumes

The world record for the greatest Santa Claus gathering was beaten down by almost four thousand men and women dressed in red and white costumes. Guinness World registered the record as the largest number of people dressed as Santa Claus and offering gifts. The exact number of enlisted participants was 3939 who were present near […]

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