Guiness World Record Santa Claus Costumes

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

The world record for the greatest Santa Claus gathering was beaten down by almost four thousand men and women dressed in red and white costumes. Guinness World registered the record as the largest number of people dressed as Santa Claus and offering gifts.
The exact number of enlisted participants was 3939 who were present near a record building: the House of The People (Casa Poporului) in Bucharest, the heaviest building in the world and the biggest civil structure (its surface is surpassed only by the Pentagon). The event happened in December 2008.
Prior to that event, in Sydney, Australia 14.000 people gathered for the largest Santa Claus meeting the world has ever seen, but the Romanians made it to the famous book thanks to their little gifts they passed on to spectators.

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