Bridal wedding dresses at an exhibition

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

The exhibition was held in front of the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, which is a 3 times world record building (as the largest civil building in the world, the heaviest and the most expensive building ever made). The organizers felt that wedding dresses are also made to impress, so they created the wedding dress with the longest train: 1,5 km! The record was confirmed by Guiness World Records.
The next year, the same organizers manage to break another Guiness World Record, by creating the wedding dress with the most crystals ever recorded: over 43 thousand! The glittering gal was created by Cosmina Eglizian.

According to Guiness, other world records about weddings include the largest wedding held underwater. It was held in Italy, near Elba Island, and 261 guests took part wearing their divers costumes. The bride was indeed dressed in a white diver’s suit.

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